This is an 8 hours (Guided Learning hours) course to be held at Signal 8 Security Offices in B’Kara; however we can also run the course at pre-designated locations when confirmed in advance.

Course Syllabus

  • General Food Hygiene;
  • Food poisoning and its prevention;
  • Bacteriology;
  • Temperature control of food;
  • Documentation and Labeling;
  • Personal hygiene;
  • Cleaning & disinfection;
  • Pest control;
  • Food premises & equipment;
  • Hazard analysis Critical Control Point;
  • Food Safety legislation.

This course aims to build on the basic principles of food hygiene, to provide more detailed knowledge & understanding of food production, processing, storage, transport, wholesaling, catering & retailing, to ensure that food handlers can carry out their responsibilities effectively.

After studying these topics and sitting for an exam, students will be awarded a certificate and would be qualified and entitled to be registered as Food handlers with the Superintendent of Public Health in terms of Legal Notice 178/2001

Any person who directly or indirectly is involved in the handling of foods or engaged in any food business.In fact LN178 /2001 defines `food handler` as any person engaged in the preparation, manufacture and treatment in term of the Act in a food business, whether for profit or not.

This course is delivered by qualified and experienced fire fighting instructors.

Assessment: Multiple choice tests

Course Price:
€ 35 – pay on day.

Special group prices could be arraigned.


Booking on any of our courses at least six weeks in advance shall qualify the applicant for a 5% discount on the overall price.
Please ask for the discount at the booking stage, as these cannot be given retrospectively.