The Security Academy Foundations

The Security Academy was founded in 2009 from the renowned security company ‘Signal 8 Security’ Services Malta. This followed the introduction and success of the ‘Signal 8 Security’ Services Malta in 2005, where it mirrored the professionalism and attitude which the security industry must portray. The strive for success led to the foundation of The Security Academy where the aim is to train and introduce people to the security industry in the most professional manner possible thus providing individuals who possess a vast array of skills and knowledge.

The aim of the company is the enhancement of the individual, enriching the learning process leading people who work in the security business to be able to provide an optimal service with a professional background. The mission of this academy is to exchange information, share experience, create expertise and establish professional connections. The Academy was built on the idea that no expert knows all solutions as does the group of professionals, and believes that the best way to learn is to ask others and learn from experience. The goal of this academy is to encourage greater co-operation between security personnel and portray an image of authority, respect, assistance and service. The security industry provides a service which is constantly undergoing public and private scrutiny, therefore the margin for error is minimal and coaching in this sense is required.

The foundation stones of this academy are the Private Guard and Warden syllabi which are required for anybody who wish to undertake a career in the security industry. However, the company, through its professional and experienced instructors has developed an extensive list of other courses which will surely interest companies and individuals alike. Moreover, the ability of the instructors and flexibility of curricula will surely be an asset in designing tailor made courses since more and more companies are requesting that training is provided on a ‘customised’ basis.

Customised, Cost-Effective Training Solutions

The security industry in Malta is still in its evolving stages, however rapid changes in both the social and legal frameworks have highlighted the need to introduce structured legal basis on which security companies can base their human resources allocation and recruitment.

Our company is in a position to meet these requirements and train people to become professional security guards, however the training prospectus also caters for the development of the human resources which are the fundamentals in this industry.

An increasing number of organisations require training services to be provided on a ‘customised basis’, whereby they can control the location and timing of the course and the programme can be tailored to suit specific training needs. The Security Academy is able to modify, expand and tailor any of the courses featured in our training prospectus, or create entirely new courses as necessary. Course programmes can be amended to ensure delegates are trained in accordance with your specific company or individual systems and procedures. If required, we can also provide both safety and security risk assessments to compliment the training package.

The Security Academy is made up of skilled individuals delivering solutions based on years of Policing and Security experience and training. All work carried out by us is developed to train assist an organisation in future proofing themselves and building on these principles of self develop without continued dependence.


This allows us to deliver the most up to date tried and tested practises bespoke to your needs. Our drive to deliver our services is based on the following principles.

  • Purpose
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Affordability
  • Accountability

The Security Academy instructors are well prepared and flexible enough to present courses to clients all around Malta and Gozo. We have access to two fully equipped training venues, however if you prefer a more suitable venue, we are prepared to visit these premises and discuss your exact training needs.

The Major Lucien Ott Institute which has been commissioned by the International Bodyguard Association (I.B.A) together with The International Law Enforcement Training Agency (I.L.E.T.A.) became a recognised centre as an awarding body. Together our aim is to promote qualifications in our country.

Through our affiliation and representation with the I.B.A. in Malta, we have been providing specialised security courses for the local market and also serving as a centre reaching the South Mediterranean and North African region.

Please take time to meet us and discuss your training needs.

The Security Academy

“We Aim to exceed your expectations”